RELIEF & INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING METHODS ON RESINGRAVE BLOCKS INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL --  Written and illustrated by Richard Woodman, this 30 page instructional manual contains further detailed information about using Resingrave for intaglio as well as relief. 

RELIEF & INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING METHODS ON RESINGRAVE BLOCKS INSTRUCTIONAL DVD --  Join Richard Woodman as he shows you how to create relief or intaglio wood engraving using Resingrave with close-up, detailed shots demonstrating the correct use of hand-held and electric mark making tools on Resingrave.  This DVD covers the following topics in detail: How to Sharpen Engraving Tools, Basic Techniques for Wood (Relief) Engraving, Creating Tones and Textures, Pulling a Relief Print, Polishing Resingrave for Intaglio Printmaking, Basic Techniques for Intaglio Engraving, Creating Textures and Tones for Intaglio Engraving and Pulling an Intaglio Print.


RESINGRAVE DISTRIBUTORS -- Currently, the Resingrave Instructional Manual is only available through McClain's Printmaking Supplies.  The Resingrave Instruction DVD is available through McClain's Printmaking Supplies, Renaissance Graphic Arts, Inc., and Graphic Chemical & Ink Co

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